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About me

My Story
Oriental Lotus

Hi y'all! I'm Kirsten Green, the Professor Doula, known for providing the empathetic and compassionate education and physical and emotional support that individuals and couples need to enjoy a safe, healthy, and happy pregnancy. 


Whether seeking a reliable source to provide accurate information or someone who will support your desired birth preferences and be there to help welcome your  happy, healthy baby, I'm the one who parents-to-be of all ages, sizes, and sexual orientations trust.  


I offer in person and virtual services to those in Tuscaloosa  and Birmingham, Alabama. I also offer travel services  for those wanting my support.  

My Philosophy
Oriental Lotus

I believe that every birthing person is capable of bringing your baby  earth side.  Sometimes, interventions are needed, and if that should arise, I believe that the birthing person has a right to informed consent. While I believe that you are more than capable of  birthing healthy babies via a vaginal delivery, I understand that it may not be the type of birth you choose.  I  understand and will always respect your wishes.  My goal will always be to support you in an effort to achieve the birth experience you imagined. You, your baby, and your birth experience matter to me. Together we will aim for the least traumatic birth experience possible that results in a healthy birthing person and baby.   

My Training
Oriental Lotus
Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula

BEST Doula Training 2020 

Certified Placenta Preparation Specialist

Herbal Training 2021

“A strong intention, a relaxed body and an open mind are the main ingredients for an active birth."
—Janet Balaskas
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