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Oriental Lotus

Making Your Pregnancy Journey Sweeter 

Oriental Lotus

Although pregnancy and giving birth are some of life’s most beautiful experiences, you might be struggling to enjoy your pregnancy journey because you have more questions than answers.

You might be asking yourself questions like:

• How do I stay healthy during my pregnancy?

• Who can I turn to for support before, during and after giving birth?

• What’s the safest way to deliver my child?

• How do I take care of myself and my baby after giving birth?

While your partner, friends and family can certainly cheer you on during your pregnancy and delivery, you need someone in your corner who has the answers to your questions and who truly empathizes with what you’re going through.

And you need someone to add some much-needed “suga” to sweeten your pregnancy journey – someone like me, Kirsten Green, the Professor Doula at Suga Sweet Birth Services.

At Suga Sweet Birth Services, I’m changing the U.S. Black maternal health crisis one client at a time. As your doula, I’m here to support you throughout your pregnancy journey, leaving you feeling safe, informed and empowered.

It doesn't matter your age, body size, or sexual orientation. I'm here to hold your hand to ensure you and your baby are healthy and happy during every stage of your pregnancy and delivery. 

You can rely on me for:

  • Emotional, physical and educational support during your pregnancy

  • Assistance with creating a birthing plan

  • Labor and birth support to make sure you and your baby are both healthy and happy 

  • Postpartum care and education to make taking care of yourself and your baby easier 

You deserve to bask in the glory of a happy, healthy and sweet pregnancy that creates a memorable, beautiful experience. And as your doula, you can trust me to provide you with the compassion, empathy, education, and support to ensure you get everything you deserve. 

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